Transforming healthcare in Beni: The crucial role of electricity

Jun 17, 2024
Doctor in one of Beni's medical centers

Doctor in one of the Beni medical centers

As we reflect on the importance of nurturing the physical, mental, and spiritual health of communities worldwide, we at Fondation Nexans are excited to share a story that truly embodies the spirit of global wellness. In Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo, our Foundation's commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment has made a significant difference in healthcare, enhancing the overall well-being of the local population. 

The Beni Project: A Beacon of Hope and Healing 

Taking a significant step towards improved healthcare in Beni, Fondation Nexans, in collaboration with Green Energy for All, launched a project in 2020 to connect six critical healthcare facilities to the national power grid. These hospitals were strategically selected based on their location, patient volume, and electricity needs. Together, they handle over 300 births per month, 250 daily consultations, and serve a community of over 4813 registered patients

The six hospitals connected to the grid are: 

  • Clinique Universelle Beni 
  • Centre Luzayi 
  • Centre Médical la Gracia 
  • Clinique la Grace 
  • A Dieu la Gloire 
  • Centre Hospitalier Lakar

This initiative wasn't just about bringing reliable electricity; it was about bringing hope and improved healthcare standards to the region. Now, these hospitals can offer round-the-clock medical services, ensuring better patient outcomes and fostering a healthier, more resilient community.

Key Impacts of the Beni Project: 

  • Better Medical Care: With a steady power supply, healthcare providers can now use essential medical equipment, perform life-saving surgeries, and keep critical patient monitoring systems running 24/7. 

  • Financial Relief: Switching from costly diesel generators to grid electricity has led to significant savings, with hospitals cutting their energy expenses by an average of 65%. Some hospitals have saved up to 80%, easing financial burdens and allowing for reinvestment in infrastructure. 

  • Strengthened Infrastructure: The project has laid a solid foundation for future development, enabling hospitals to invest in added medical equipment and infrastructure upgrades. 

  • Community Impact: The benefits extended beyond the hospitals. The extension of distribution network cables to the hospitals provided 126 new connections to homes, artisans, and small businesses along the newly installed power lines. These connections are empowering local communities with reliable electricity, promoting economic growth and further improving the overall quality of life. 

At Fondation Nexans, we believe that access to reliable electricity is a fundamental building block for a healthy and prosperous life. Our mission perfectly aligns with this vision, as it allows us to empower communities by encouraging healthy lifestyles and promoting overall well-being. The Beni project exemplifies this commitment. By ensuring reliable electricity access to hospitals, we've fostered a healthier environment for patients and medical professionals, ultimately contributing to a stronger, more resilient community. 

Testimonials: The True Measure of Success 

“ Since the connection to the grid, the (electricity) bill decreased a lot. Today the power is stable. It is available 24 hours a day, it’s nothing like before. The interventions are now easier. There is now oxygen for our patients. ”

Dr. Pierre Makelele

Medical director of Clinique Universelle Beni

Patients and their families have expressed gratitude for the improved conditions, emphasizing the sense of security and comfort that comes with well-lit, fully operational healthcare facilities. 

Fondation Nexans, proud to partner with Green Energy for All, celebrates the transformative power of this project and its positive impact on the Beni community. By supporting initiatives that prioritize health, sustainability, and empowerment, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering well-being and creating lasting, positive change. Together, let's envision a world where everyone has access to the resources, they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. 

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