Installing photovoltaic systems and creating a MOOC for training

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Installing innovative photovoltaic systems in 6 high schools and creating a MOOC for training in photovoltaic maintenance.

In Madagascar, schools in remote areas have difficulty accessing electricity and new technology not only because of the cost but also because of their geographical location. They are therefore disadvantaged and lag behind most schools.

Several schools now have access to electricity, computer equipment, better electrical installation, but above all to digital educational resources (REN) and the electronic media library. Students can familiarise themselves with the computer tool.

The Nexans Foundation worked with ACCESMAD on the "Ray of Sun" project, which aims to improve science education and the situation of high school students in Madagascar. With this project, the association was able to equip the schools with solar panels, Jirodesk solar computers, as well as access to the Media Library which contains more than 5,000 digital resources.

Ray of Sunshine

In 2019, phase 1 of the project focused on the installation of innovative photovoltaic systems in high schools and the realization of a MOOC for training in photovoltaic maintenance.

Through this project 4 schools were equiped with Jirodesk V1 solar computers.

Ray of Sunshine 2

In 2020, phase 2 of the project aimed to test and produce new solar computers that have a better version  than the previous one named Jirodesk V2. The Jirodesk V2 solar computers produced were then installed in two high schools on the outskirts of Antananarivo.

Thanks to this project, a total of 6 schools were equiped with solar panels and Jirodesk solar computers, including 4 Jirodesk V1 and 2 Jirodesk V2. Each school also benefited from access to the Media Library, which contains more than 5,000 digital resources and the MOOC on renewable energy.

Ray of Sunshine 3

Started in 2021, phase 3 of the project consists of adding 24 solar computers and to equip 3 more schools with solar panels.


Thanks to the Nexans Foundation's support for this project, 11 high schools in remote areas will be equipped with photovoltaic technology and computer equipment, more than 2,500 students will benefit, 55,000 students will have access to a MOOC on renewable energy and nearly 60 teachers will have been trained.

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