Mobadara for sustainable development and tourism

Mobadara, non-profit association, has been dedicated to implementing transformative development projects, in Morocco, in collaboration with partners like the European Union, Unicef, INDH, and others. Presently, the organization is actively engaged in operating a second chance center tailored for young individuals aged between 13 and 20 years, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The center's primary objective is to foster socio-professional integration among youth by providing them with valuable trade skills. Within its premises, three workshops are established, offering specialized training in Agriculture, Pastry, and Mechanics.

Qualification of young people in renewable energy professions

Looking ahead, the Nexans Foundation is embarking with Mobadara on an ambitious initiative to establish a new workshop focused on equipping young learners with solar energy skills. Simultaneously, this project aims to ensure the self-sufficiency of the center by installing cutting-edge photovoltaic panels.

Spanning over two years, the project envisions benefiting 300 young individuals directly, paving the way for them to carve out their own successful entrepreneurial ventures. Alongside practical training, the center will conduct a parallel entrepreneurship program to instill business acumen and nurture the spirit of innovation among its beneficiaries.

Mobadara remains committed to fostering a brighter future for the youth, empowering them with the knowledge and expertise needed to flourish in the modern world.

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