Installation of solar panels for the Resilient Medical Centers

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    Talara, Peru
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    Access to energy

Peru is a country with vast natural resources, which offers enormous potential for the use of renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar and geothermal. These abundant resources with the remoteness of rural communities, demonstrate a clear need to invest in decentralized energy systems that can provide a reliable electricity supply.

One sample is Talara's local medical post has freezers containing vital vaccines for young and old. The constant blackouts in the town were putting these vaccines at risk, causing losses in some cases. That is why, the Nexans Foundation together with EcoSwell, will carry out the project that consists of installing a UPS system (uninterruptible power supply systems) of photovoltaic energy in the medical centers of Talara in order to ensure the cold chain of the refrigerated vaccines of the power cuts. Training will also be provided to solar energy entrepreneurs to provide them with logistical, business and technological support. This will enable the creation of clean energy jobs.

This project involves the installation of solar panels to this medical center with the aim of maintaining the cold chain that preserves the vaccines that favor approximately 100 thousand inhabitants of the area. The Nexans Foundation and EcoSwell are committed to electrifying the future in a sustainable, safe, renewable, decarbonized way, above all and accessible to all. This project contributes with the sustainable objectives of the UN action for the climate and health and well-being.

In 2022, the Resilient Medical Center project for Talara, Peru, began with a qualitative baseline study aimed at compiling the Medical Center's energy priorities before moving into the design and implementation phases. The study has been condensed into a report describing the current challenges faced by stakeholders, the internal and external communication issues that need to be addressed to ensure project sustainability, practical and structural issues the system would help solve, and recommendations to consider for systems design and implementation.

In the first part of 2023, progress is being made with the technical design and sizing of the system and the implementation phases. Indeco by Nexans will also support with a donation of cables for these repairs, in partnership with Huemura (gold customer to us). Likewise, it will support and validate this design through its qualified engineers. Once validated, we will share this information and equipment list with the regional government so they can begin the administrative process needed to help fund lithium-ion batteries. The EcoSwell team will work with qualified electricians and Indeco by Nexans staff and volunteers in installing the system at the Medical Center and performing all necessary tests and revisions. Once the system is installed, the project team will work to optimize it and make sure it works properly. There will then be several days/weeks of training of Medical Center staff members on the use and maintenance of the system. In addition, communication material (posters, manuals, etc.) will be created to ensure that anyone in contact with the system knows exactly what to do and who to contact in case of technical problems.

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