For a society without poverty

Latin America is the most unequal region on the planet. In Latin America and the Caribbean, more than 200 million people are linving in poverty. 1 out of 5 people in the continent live in popular settlements, with inadequate housing and lack of at least 1 basic service.

TECHO dreams of a future where nobody lives on a dirt floor. They believe they are protagonists of the future and that’s why they work to transform reality and achieve a better quality of life for millions of people in Latin America.

Since 25 years, TECHO makes the difference: they overcome the situation of poverty, develop projects led by young volunteers that improve the housing and habitat conditions of families:

  • housing and infrastructure,
  • community development,
  • emergency relief.

Focus on Chile with TECHO-Chile

Currently, more than 113,000 families live in 1,290 camps throughout Chile. Today, more than ever, families in our country's shantytowns need our help as a society, working collaboratively and empathetically to overcome poverty and build fairer and more equitable cities.

Focus on Peru with TECHO Peru

Access to basic infrastructure is a major challenge in Peru, with millions of people lacking access to essential services. Between 7 and 8 million Peruvians do not have access to sewage systems, while the number of citizens without access to drinking water stands at around 7 to 8 million as well. Even in the capital city of Lima, 1.5 million people do not have access to drinking water. In addition, a significant percentage of settlements lack basic amenities, such as electricity and formal land tenure. Around 36.7% of settlements do not have a formal electricity connection, while 75.4% have irregular land tenure. Moreover, 1 out of every 5 settlements also faces the threat of eviction, highlighting the challenges facing Peru's most vulnerable communities.

How can Nexans Foundation and TECHO work together for the families and youth of Latin America?

In Latin America and the Caribbean, 26 million people don't have formal access to electricity.

Nexans Foundation provides financial support actions to initiatives that help bring electrical power to disadvantaged communities throughout the world by giving priority to grassroots-level organizations and reliable and sustainable solutions.

TECHO implements housing and habitat solutions, strengthening the capacities to develop self-managed communities, working together with the population and other actors, generating transformative experiences through the encounter.

Nexans Foundation and TECHO become partners to be key players in access to electrical power, improving the quality of life of millions of people in the latin american and caribbean region. Our goal is:

  • To have a positive impact in thousands of people
  • Building together sustainable electrical solutions to 2000 families and 150 communities
  • In 4 Latin American and Caribbean countries during the next 6 years

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Countries: Chile, Peru

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