A decade of illumination: Indeco by Nexans and Fondation Nexans light up Peru's future

May 2, 2024
Panelists from Fondation Nexans 10 years celebration event in Peru

Rocy Vásquez, Alex García, Rosa Bueno, Pedro Gamio, Andrés Bustamante, Rafael Sotomayor, Jose Luis Velásquez

Celebrating a decade of empowering communities and fostering sustainable development in Peru, Indeco by Nexans and Fondation Nexans proudly reflect on their impactful journey together. This year's anniversary coincides with a significant milestone: Peru's rural electrification coverage has reached an impressive 85.8%, a dramatic leap from 65% in 2017.

Shining a light on remaining challenges

While progress is undeniable, Indeco by Nexans and Fondation Nexans recognize the work isn't finished. Nearly 2 million Peruvians, particularly in regions like Loreto, Ucayali, Madre de Dios, and Amazonas, still lack access to electricity. This disparity hinders not only basic needs but also social and economic development. Limited electricity access restricts the use of technology in education and healthcare, contributes to school dropouts, and stifles employment and industrial opportunities, as highlighted by Jose Luis Velásquez, Lead Partner for Sustainability and Climate Change at PwC Peru, during the recent "Energy as a Bridge to Development" event.

This event, a cornerstone of our 10th-anniversary celebration, exemplifies Indeco by Nexans' commitment to open dialogue and collaborative solutions, with active participation from Fondation Nexans employees stationed in Peru. The event brought together a diverse panel of experts to analyze Peru's remaining electrification challenges.

Illuminating a brighter future through collaboration

Discussions at the "Energy as a Bridge to Development" event focused on collaborative strategies, such as:

  • Diversifying the energy matrix to incorporate sustainable options like solar power.
  • Enhancing grid stability to ensure reliable power delivery, especially for critical infrastructure like healthcare facilities.
  • Addressing the urban electrification gap as highlighted by Rafael Sotomayor, Territory Director of TECHO Peru, where informal settlements often lack formal electricity connections.

10 years strong, committed to the future

As we celebrate a decade of impactful work in Peru, Indeco by Nexans and Fondation Nexans remain dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders like government bodies, NGOs, and the private sector. By fostering dialogue, exploring innovative solutions, and prioritizing sustainability, we aim to illuminate a future where universal access to electricity empowers all Peruvians.

Stay tuned for future updates on our ongoing electrification efforts in Peru!

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